“I am that I am.” Exodus 3:14

Throughout history the phrase ‘I am’ has held significant meaning across many cultures. For instance, in ancient Hinduism the concept of “Aham Brahmasmi’ means ‘I am the universe’ or “I am the divine’. This idea suggests that our existence is deeply connected to a universal consciousness. In ancient Egyptian mythology the deity Amun Ra is often referred to as ‘The Hidden One’ or the ‘Great I Am’. This symbolizes the creative force that brings forth life and abundance. The recognition of the divine within oneself is essential and it mirrors scripture’s emphasis on active slate of life encapsulated in the declaration ‘I am’. The teachings of Jesus Christ associate the phrase ‘I am’ with identity and divinity. When Jesus declared, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”, He emphasized the significance of aligning one’s consciousness with the divine. This biblical reference is parallel to the scriptures central theme. The concept of Tao in Chinese philosophy aligns with the scriptures assertion that life is impartial and manifest perfection.

The Tao Tai Ching teaches that when one aligns with the Tao, the fundamental way of the universe, harmony and abundance naturally flow. This resonates with the idea that by declaring ‘I am’ we align ourselves with the divine essence unlocking the flow of life. Life in all its forms is an expression of the divine that exhibits perfection characterized by love, peace, beauty, harmony, and abundance. However, as human beings we have a limited understanding that may obstruct the natural flow of life. Life is impartial and emerges to manifest itself with an inherent revitalizing impulse. The phrase, ‘I am’ signifies the active state of life. Saying ‘I am’ with deep feeling unlocks the eternal flow of life without impediments allowing it to course freely. Conversely saying ’I am not’ shuts the door to this magnificent energy. ‘I am’ encompasses the complete activity of the higher power. ‘I am’ represents your true essence, your authentic nature. It’s unique to you because only you can declare, “I am”. This declaration is your identity, the divine presence within you. It defines who you are. What you attach to with unwavering conviction is the very essence of existence and knowing this grants you immeasurable power.

‘I am’ will free you when you comprehend its nature and how to utilize it. It’s crucial to be mindful of what you attach to your ‘I am’, as it has the potential to either limit or liberate. When you find yourself in a situation where you may feel afraid or doubtful, it’s important to remember who you truly are and what you believe about yourself. The words you use to describe yourself and your emotions have a big impact on your life. If you let fear take over and say things like, “I am scared”, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Negative feelings like fear, jealousy, or criticism can harm your well-being and hold you back. Instead try using positive affirmations like, “I am strong, happy, and peaceful.” You’ll find that these feelings will start to shine through in your life.

The phrase, “I am’ is a powerful one representing the divine presence within you signifying your pure being: spirit and consciousness. When you say, “I am’, you are declaring the presence of the divine within yourself and opening yourself up to its power by boldly affirming that you are whole, perfect, and prosperous. You are tapping into this power and becoming what you claim to be. The power of “I am’ is the ultimate force in the universe, responsible for creating all things. Before anything can become real, it must first be formed in the mind and aligned with this divine presence, This is the great secret of mystics throughout history. To truly harness the power of ‘I am’, you must pay close attention to your thoughts and words. Negative self-talk can hold you back and limit your potential while positive affirmations can help you reach new heights by recognizing your divine essence. In speaking positively about yourself you can tap into the limitless energy of the universe and achieve your greatest dreams. You are engaging in a profound interaction with the most potent and divine principle in the universe known as the “I am”. This principle is not only the highest life principle but has been expressed throughout all civilizations that have ever existed. It signifies the fundamental expression of any conscious life, and it extends far beyond mere existence. However, when we engage with improperly qualified external activities (make bad choices) we begin to accept limitations like “I am not”, which hinders our progress.

To achieve freedom, you must cease using false expressions concerning your divinity and wholeheartedly accept the great and glorious presence that you are. Once you genuinely acknowledge this presence, you must be aware that every time you catch yourself about to say or believe that you are unwell, impoverished, or in any adverse situation you must immediately reverse this detrimental condition for your own progress. You must mentally proclaim with unwavering intensity, “I am” for it signifies health, abundance, joy, peace, and perfection. It would be best to stop giving power to external conditions; people, places, or things, “I am” is the power to acknowledge the perfection which exists within yourself and throughout the world. Therefore, embrace the truth of your divinity and affirm it constantly with positive statements of health, wealth, and joy. Know that the ‘I am’ principle is the most potent and divine force in the universe that when employed correctly can bring the most fulfilling life experiences. When you utter the phrase, ‘I am’ it signifies your awareness that the infinite consciousness is actively expressing in your life. Refuse to let false beliefs and expressions continue to govern and restrict you. Always remember the phrase: I am and therefore I am God in action, life, opulence, and truth manifested now. The two words ‘I am ‘carry a significant weight and can unlock untapped potential. These words have the power to influence your life, thoughts, and emotions. By intentionally envisioning the transformative power within the phrase ‘I am ‘you can picture the ripple effect of your intentions and beliefs coursing through your consciousness. Approaching every utterance of I am as a brush stroke on the canvas of your destiny can create a portrait of your true self. Your internal dialogue including conversations and silent affirmations, or self-doubt can impact daily experiences.

Taking the time to reflect on the power of ‘I am’ can aid us in becoming more aware of how to approach thoughts and emotions. Potentially cultivating experiences with richness and authenticity. What if you could leverage the power of your ‘I am’ statements to alter the trajectory of your life. By infusing your affirmations with love, resilience, and boundless possibilities you can become not only the storyteller but also the protagonist of the tackle filled with purpose, abundance, and unyielding strength. As you explore the depths of your psyche, consider the potential of conscious crafting of your “I am’ statements to awaken a wellspring of creativity, resilience, and inherent ability to shape your reality. These powerful affirmations hold the key to unlocking the simplicity of ‘I am ‘. By keeping this invincible presence in mind, you keep the door open for the ‘I am” to manifest its perfection in your external life. The divine ‘I am’ can never be less than perfect teaming with life and health. The ability to govern one’s energy is essential to achieving inner peace and overcoming challenges.

I am capable. I am strong. I am unstoppable. I am grateful. I am blessed.