Have you been rescued or received a helping hand from a stranger God put in your path? Better yet, has the Lord opened the eyes of your heart to assist a weary traveler (someone different than you, a foreigner) stuck in a ditch of weariness where no one stops to help or seems to care?

Our heavenly Father looks to and fro across His creation for Good Samaritans with willing hearts and working hands who stop in the name of love and help His children in need. How many opportunities — to lend a helping hand — have we missed while traveling life’s highways and byways in our land? Sharing Good Samaritan stories reminds us to ‘stop, smell the roses, and help others rise up when they’ve been knocked down. Knowing God records every good deed done keeps us serving and sharing ‘till our time here is done!

In Revelation, we are told to ‘write it’ which is my cup of tea! I love to tell stories of Jesus and His love, especially Good Samaritans being guided to bless others and be blessed from above.

So, let us keep good news going! With Holy Spirit guidance and faith that shows, we can help distressed folks who need a tow! No one may ever know the good deeds done here, but happy hallelujahs make heavenly news as our – well pleased – Father celebrates and angels cheer!

The Lord opened a door to help a man, stranded beside the road, recently as I drove my van, loaded with precious Sonbeams (children ages 5 to 7) — to Royal Lane Pool. We were singing “The Devil is a Sly Old Fox” when I noticed the man sitting on the ground. That Holy Spirit surge kicked in full force and met resistance in my mind…destination pool on a hot day with overly excited kids took precedence. However, God put a detour in place with flashing lights … “STOP in the name of love — this old man needs your help — think it o-o-ver!”

A stirring inside prompted me to turn around and help the stranger instead of hurrying to the pool. Scripture in Matthew about those who give a cup of water in His name popped in my mind as I stopped the van near the stranger who was struggling with the hard task in the hot sun.

The prompting to give him water grew stronger as I asked if any Sonbeam had an extra bottle of water. Tenderhearted Anna, sitting on the back seat, raised her hand and headed for the side door along with her step sister and best friend. Helping them off the van, I asked the Lord to help us give the man what he needed, knowing we surely couldn’t change his tire. Anna handed him the water with a grin as Mackenna asked the man if we could pray with him.

Looking toward the van as her prayers brought amens from the stranger in the ditch (actually stranded on the side of the road near the pool), I witnessed eleven little Sonbeams’ heads bowed with sunbeams streaming around them like heavenly sunlight. The kind gentleman thanked us and sent us on our way knowing the kids’ hearts were set on swimming, not sitting in the hot sun for a tire change. His grateful attitude and sweet spirit made it difficult to leave, especially with the divine stirring to stay.

With children in the pool, teachers in place, and lifeguards on duty, I headed to the desk to pay Ms. Tonya and share the story of the stranded man, Anna’s cup of water, praying with and leaving him in the hot sun…she said, “what about the tire’?

Without hesitation, we told those in charge to man the fort while we helped a man in need. Pulling beside his car, he was still seated on the ground tugging at the lug wrench with little progress being made. Sweat dripped from his chin, Tonya tenderly took charge of tire changing, and I began talking with the sweet man seated on the ground. Tonya and I heard tidbits of his life story: having two wives pass away, losing his right leg below the knee and wearing a prosthesis to get around, he talked about loneliness and loving the Lord with all his heart. Wiping tears I dared not let him see, I shared about my daddy losing both legs to diabetes and me being widowed twice too. Our connection to the Lord and one another was shining through with similar stories and love so true!

Tonya changed his tire while I soothed his heart. Knowing God had granted us the gift of being Good Samaritans, we savored every moment with the kindhearted man stranded on the side of the road. My mind raced with memories of the past I shared with the stranger made friend, I believed God gave us time together which had helped me…and him!

He thanked us as we helped him up from the hard ground. Knowing we needed to get back to our duties at the pool, our parting was short and sweet! Yet, his look of love and words of gratitude were in our hearts to stay, even though we never asked his name that hot day.

Being a Good Samaritan and being blessed by a Good Samaritan are gifts God gives along life’s highway, but only if we make the choice to stop and help … even when we’ve got places to go and things to do on a busy summer day in 2022!!

May each of us seek ways to help people in need as we travel life’s highways. Though we will miss opportunities to help when fear or uncertainty rises up within, we can be assured God will watch over and protect Good Samaritans with willing hands and loving hearts who are closely connected to HIM.

Becky Spell Vann is the owner/operator of Tim’s Gift Love Ministry.