Intersection converted to all-way stop

Traffic pattern changes on Old Warsaw Road

Staff reports

CLINTON — A Sampson County intersection has a new traffic pattern as of this week to reduce the risk of crashes.

N.C. Highway Patrol First Sgt. Bryan D. Smith called the stop sign on Old Warsaw Road at the intersection of Mathis Road a”much needed” addition. It was installed on Tuesday, making the intersection a four-way stop.

“Over the years we have had multiple collisions, some of which have been fatal,” said Smith, who was informed that some motorists were not heeding to the new sign at first. An announcement was disseminated across the community this week in an effort to boost awareness.

“I just received a call from a residence in the area that several vehicles are not stopping,” Smith stated Tuesday. “This is most likely due to people that travel this road frequently not being used to having to stop.”

The official change to an all-way stop was based on a safety review by the N.C. Department of Transportation.

“The North Carolina State Highway Patrol’s number one mission is to reduce motor vehicle collisions and save lives,” Smith stated. “My hope is through the outstanding partnerships we have built with one another we can fulfill that mission.”

Motorists should slow down and be alert for the new traffic configuration.

As a reminder, drivers approaching an all-way stop should follow these rules:

• The first vehicle at the intersection has the right of way;

• When two or more vehicles reach an intersection at the same time, the vehicle to the right has the right of way and may go straight or, if legal and after signaling, turn left or right;

• When two facing vehicles approach an intersection simultaneously, both drivers can move straight ahead or turn right. If one driver is going straight while the other wants to turn left, the driver who wants to turn left must yield; and

• Even with the right of way, drivers should remember to use appropriate turn signals and watch for pedestrians and other vehicles.